Narasimha Caturdasi

Event details

  • Saturday | 28th April 2018
  • 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Narasimha Caturdasi 2018

Saturday, 28 April 2018 5-8pm

Dear Friends,

Narasimhadeva is Krishna’s half-man and half-lion incarnation and we are celebrating His appearance day this Saturday, 28th April 2018 from 5-9 am and 5-8 pm with special guest, Srila Prabhupada`s disciples, the directors of the Hare Krishna! Movie His Grace Yadubara Das and his wife Her Grace Visakha Devi Dasi.

Morning programme 5 – 9 am

5:00 am Mangala Arati
5:30 am Tulasi Arati
5:45 am Japa (Meditation)
7:30 am Deity Greeting & Guru Puja
8:00 am Bhagavatam Class

There will be Harinam Sankirtan in Manchester City Centre during the day, devotees will go out and chant for the benefit of all.

Evening programme 5-8 pm
Special kirtan and class by HG Yadubara Das, Prasadam

We invite you all to participate in the celebrations and seek the blessings as Lord Narasimhadeva, who removes the obstacles in the path of devotional service. Devotees who pray to Him are always protected from all kinds of calamities.

Hare Krishna!

We look forward to share the joy of this festival with you!

Your servants,
at ISKCON Manchester

Our special guests: His Grace Yadubara Das with Her Grace Visakha Devi Dasi